Thursday, February 26, 2004

Can I just say I find it amazing what a creative genius I suddenly become when I have a ton of important things to do? Im leaving for Paris tomorrow. I need to pack, email a bunch of people, clean the house, clean out the car etc and what have I been doing all evening? Glueing fabric on a scientific notebook to make it into a travel journal. I mean, I NEED a travel journal if Im traveling dont I? And it really NEEDS to be covered in black t-shirt and camel fabrics. What does it matter that theres no possible way its actually going to be dry enough to take with me? Thats right, it doesnt! Because inspiration struck and when that happens you HAVE to follow through right that very instant even if the dishes are piled a story and a half high in the sink!

I got said scientific notebook on my obligiotry before-I-go-on-a-trip Wal Mart visit. I know, a lot of people who read this blog (ok, well, a LOT of people dont read this blog) have deep feelings of hate towards Wal Mart, and I can understand that. I know that I should despise the Wal Monster with all my crafty heart but theres just something about it. I get sucked in. Especially today! There were all these weird things on clearance. Like this little makeup pouch I bought. It has to be one of the most random hideously ugly things I've ever seen and I just HAD to have it. Its got a Venitian scene on it with these two guys that look like they came from the Amadeus poster who are COVERED in tacky sequins!!! Doesnt that sound great! And it was only $3.00! Im sorry, even a die hard Wal Mart hater couldnt have passed this baby up. Im taking a picture of it the SECOND I find the camera!

And in closing; has anyone else been attacked by Mary Kay representatives while shopping? What the hells going on? If you know please tell me!

posted at 5:33 PM

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