Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Dia dhuit!!! I'm trying to get things up and running again! I really don't care for this template but oh well, it'll do for now!

Sadly there isn't much knitting news to report. One of my coworkers wants me to make them a blanket and it's turning into a HUGE production. The yarn he wants doesnt come in the color he wants. Therefore I'm going to have to get creative and resourceful! Sadly (well, not really) there isn't much time to do so because Im going to France on Friday! Hurrah for me! That being said don't expect a lot of knitting content on here for the next few weeks, but soon I will return with all kinds of knitting goodness!!!

Until then lets take a peek at my newest obsession; RUGBY!!!!
Gaze deeply deeeeeeeeeply into the eyes of my future husband Carlos Spencer (or Speeen-sah if you're from his native land) of the New Zealand All Blacks and the Super 12 team The Blues (haha! Black and blue! I just realized that! Oh Carlos, you are too clever for words!)

Look at that kick! Wouldn't he make a fab Irish Dancer?

Contrary to popular belief I don't just like Rugby bc theres a lot of attractive men running around in shorts. I mean, the team I root for most is the Irish national team and theres not a whole lot attractive there. I love them anyway! I will stand by Ireland even when they get whupped by France! Sinne Fianna Fáil, Atá Fá gheall ag Éirinn, oh, sorry, got carried away there......

Damn it's good to be back!

posted at 7:54 AM

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