Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Nevermind, back to the other template! One day i'm going to figure out how all this HTML crap works and actually make my OWN template!

It might not be knitting news specifically but I do have crafting news! Tonight I met with the Atlanta Area Crafting Group/Craft Goddesses (is that our official name?) for the first time! I'd wanted to go to the last meeting but was held up with dance obligations. This weeks craft was embroidery with patterns curtesy of Sublime Stitching. Good news; Aside from stabbing myself numerous times I don't suck half as bad as I thought I would! My project was a pillow case with a skull and cross bones (purple of course) embroidered on the hem. I had a great time and after they kicked us out of the Michaels I immediately came home to call/IM everyone I know to make them aware of my fantastic accomplishment. They werent half as excited as I was. Losers!

As soon as the pictures get uploaded Ill post the link so you can see all the embroidery flossiness!

posted at 6:45 PM

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