Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The Knittinator has always loved Crocheted food. I mean really, its food made of yarn, what more could you want? However the lack of knitted food has always been sort of saddened me. While the Feline Dim Sum from Knitty is quite cute, it isn’t really what I’ve been looking for. What I really wanted was a knitted hamburger, or possibly a knit grilled cheese. I've tried to come up with my own knitted hamburger, and I know that in theory it should be really simple but apparently the food knitting muse has not been with me. So I sank into a deep no knitted food related depression.

But then along came Naturallysteph from getcrafty. She has shown me the light at the end of the tunnel and here now, I pass the good word on to you curtesy of Boing Boing:

Its no knitted hamburger, it’s BETTER!!! It's an entire knitted breakfast platter, in hat and purse form!!! A knitted EGG!!! How great is that! Complete with crispy bacon and phallic looking sausage! Oh yeah, I will have some happy vegetarian friends real soon.....

"My preeeeecioooous...."

posted at 7:27 AM

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