Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Heres a question for the ages....
WHO THE HELL STEALS THE RADIO FROM AN '86 VOLVO??? I understand that there are people out there who will steal anything, but cut me some slack, its a station wagon.

You must understand that I adore my car. It’s an '86 Volvo 740 station wagon, light blue with black interior. Fantastic! Her name is Bridgette and I love her in a way usually reserved for pets and children. I think it's because she's a very "me" car (I have been described as the quintessential Volvo Chick, and it's a badge I wear proudly). However, no relationship, regardless of how pure and true, is without fault. My biggest issue with Bridgett is the fact that her locks don't always lock properly. I never really saw this as an enormous problem but I guess I should have taken more notice of it because now I'm driving around with no radio. The run down: Some jerk got into the car, dumped out my dance bag, my glove box, the pockets behind the seats my knitting bag and then attempted to steal my radio. Attempted you say? I thought you said you were driving around with no radio? Well, I am because while they destroyed the console trying to get the radio out they weren’t able to. However, the radio had a removable face so they apparently contented themselves with that. Can you get any crueler???? So now I have a perfectly good radio that can't be used because the thing has no face. *sigh*. And to add insult to injury they took my disc man. Not the newer one that was sitting on the back seat but the 11 year old one covered in Starbucks Stickers that I got when I was 11. It has outlasted 3 new Sony ones and was still going strong. Oh Disc Man! I pine for you!

Fortunately no knitting was seriously harmed in the robbery. Just a little yarn tangleage. Had more damage been done I would have had to hunt the culprit down. He would have been fairly easy to spot I think, some person loping through Piedmont Park trailing yarn.

The boatneck shell is coming along decently. I've gotten to the armhole shaping and finally got around to checking my gauge just out of curiosity and it's spot on! I still think the shirt is going to be too big but I’m not really caring at this point.

Craft meeting tomorrow!! If you're in the Atlanta area make sure to join us!!! It's going to be mega fun as always!

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