Thursday, April 29, 2004

I am officially losing my mind....
As the lovely Melissa pointed out my knitting pinup IS wearing thigh highs! The things up under her boobs are her ever so sexy undies. So maybe blogging at work is a BAD idea...........

The shell is driving me nuts. As you know its coming out too big, but now I've also decided I dont like the way the fabric is hanging. I think Ill take the thing apart and knit it on needles a size or two smaller. That should take care of the tension issue and the size issue all in one swoop. I know youre not supposed to do things such as this but man, I am a knitting rebel!!! Look out! You cant hold me down!! Two sticks and a string!! Punk rock! Oi oi oi!

Oh, right... anyway...

On a craftier note; A few days ago my friend Steph was going through a rough time so I made her a nice little book out of stolen office supplies and a Creative Loafing. Its seriously like the crappiest thing Ive ever made but she seems to enjoy it a lot because look! Awwww! Im famous for all the world to see! Steph also read the book to everyone at craft group last night. Photos coming soon!

posted at 8:41 AM

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