Thursday, April 29, 2004

Im officially losing my mind.....
As the lovely Melissa pointed out my knitting pin up IS indeed wearing thigh highs. The stuff pulled up under her boobs are her sexy sexy underpants. Well, that brings a whole new dimension to it. Its even better now than before!!

The shell is driving me crazy. As you know the gauge is correct but the shirt is going to end up being too big. On top of that Ive decided that I dont really care for the way the fabric drapes. So Ive decided on a new course of action; take the damn thing apart and start over on needles a size or two smaller. This should take care of the drapage issue as well as the size issue. Yeah yeah I know this goes against every knitting rule ever but Im a rebel man! You cant hold me down! Two sticks and a string! Punk rock! Oi oi oi!

Oh... right... sorry...

On another crafty note, The Atlanta Craft Group met yesterday evening. We had a good time socializing and making felt flowers. It was also the debut of my second novel; Stephie is Swell. See, Steph was having a bad day a few days ago so in order to cheer her up I made a book composed completely of stolen office supplies and a Creative Loafing. Very Macgyver. Its probably one of the ugliest things Ive ever made but she sure seems to like it as evidenced by this LJ post. I feel so happy and famous now!!

Crafty pics coming soon!

posted at 8:59 AM

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