Wednesday, April 28, 2004

This is why people should not do early morning sneaky posts at work. Could I be any dumber? I'm glad I chose a simple pattern for my first project in a while or who knows where I'd be right now? Probably in a padded room somewhere with my head covered in big bald spots from pulling out my hair in frustration

Anyway, now that Im back on track the shell is going quite well thank you. Even though it's going to be too big for me to wear the color makes me exceedingly happy to look at.

Speaking of looking at things, check this out:

Isn't that cute in a very weird way? Why are her hos up over her stomach? That used to happen to me before I switched to thigh highs for all my leg coverage needs. I didnt pull them up that high on purpse though, it just happened just because Im not all that tall. I would never have had my picture taken in them. I found these via Glitter via Bitter Girl. WARNING: NOT WORK SAFE!!!!!


posted at 11:02 AM

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