Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I am so almost there!!!!

Where is there? Why to the blocking portion of my Boatneck shell of course. The front is done and I've gotten to the increase part of the back. So far all is going well. Better not say that or I will jinx myself....

This forced creativity thing was just what I needed because after a LONG designing drought I have all KINDS of ideas floating around in my little blondish head. I have a ton of scrap yarn not really usable for things one might wear (scratchy acrylics and the like) but which I think could be turned into a very cool bag (or several) of some sort.

This is totally not knitting related but can I just say the video for Muse's song Time is Running Out confuses me. I just saw it a few days ago and..... what? Maybe I'm just shallow and close-minded but I thought the song was about a relationship. Apparently I was mistaken. Not that music videos often have anything at all to do with the song for which they're made. Actually more often than not they seem to have nothing to do with anything, but th way in which they have nothing to do with anything kind of makes sense, you know? Like, there will be a song about death and the video features a girl running around in a field of bunnies. And you think "Bunnies? That has nothing to do with anything. *Shrug* Hand me another nacho would you?" The video makes no sense, but it doesnt seem to be trying to get anything across to you either. Except maybe that the director really likes bunnies.

However, in the video I felt like I was missing some sort of important message. But what? Is it a video about how corrupt the government can be? Why is the band standing on that big military conference table? What exactly is this conference all about? Is it concerning the relationship I thought the song was referring to? Are those black bras standard military issue? Are those girls over there Russian? Should I get out more? Really though, great video. I just wish it had been made for a song that goes along with it more.

Whatever, if I were so smart I’d be directing videos right?

My small-brained confusion aside I consider Muse to be great knitting music (Time is Running Out makes you knit at a pretty fevered pitch while Butterflies and Hurricanes is good for getting on a more meditative, yet still loud, knit). And even though I may not be exactly clear on what is going on in it, the video is really good. You should watch it, and pass me another nacho while youre at it.

posted at 4:41 PM

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