Monday, May 03, 2004

So even though our last craft meeting was officially all about felt flowers there was a whole lot of knitting going on...

Mary was working on a Noro Shawl.

That yarn is SO pretty, Im really jealous of it.

She also brought a finished felted purse:

Im in love with that stripe pattern! Apparently she came up with it herself using
a mathematical formula. Maybe if I'm really nice she'll write it down for me....

Jenny (who is a proud new mommy!) is working on the Fireworks Scarf from Stitch
and Bitch

The Knittinator hard at work on her Boatneck

This was about two hours before I decided to dismantle it completely.

I had a picture of Melissa hard at work on a lacey type skull cap but for some reason it wouldn't upload. Grrr......

Don't we look like we're having fun? You know you want to join up too!

posted at 6:14 AM

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